Road trip in Iceland: Ice field in the east fjords

10 06 2014

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Ice Fields

Road trip in Iceland: Mossy rocks

9 06 2014

This area (which covered miles and miles on either side of the highway in south Iceland) was mind-blowing! I had seen mossy rocks in a photo and we put that down on the list of things to look for. We had NO idea it covered this many miles! I shot tons of photos of this area but don’t know if I can adequately convey just how other-wordly this area was! The natural moss carpet covered basaltic lava flow. In some areas it was more than a foot thick and actually felt like real carpet. More photos of this indescribable place to come!

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Mossy Rocks 1

Road trip in Iceland: Room with a view, cat included

8 06 2014

Marcela’s B&B in Reyoarfjorour (can’t add the little symbols on top of every other letter!). This is one-year-old Stella (I thought it was her sister, Luna). She loves being outside (with supervision) so that’s why she’s staring out the window. I’ll find out what the name of the mountain range is and get back to you.

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The Painting Years: Landscape with deer

30 12 2011

This was a 24×36 oil painting that I copied from a small postcard in Lila’s “morgue file.” (I don’t remember the original artist’s name.) I was immediately drawn to it because of all the blues and greens. It was a monumental undertaking because of all the details and all the color mixing. I most certainly didn’t complete this one in two Saturday sessions! I was so tired of it at the end that my father tried to bribe me with money to finish the deer in the background with more details. I had completed the one on the far right and was so exhausted that I just painted brown amorphous shapes in for the others! (Maybe one day I’ll surprise him and finish it. Hmph.) He just told me that this was yet another painting that Lila advised me against attempting. Well, except for not finishing the deer, I showed her, huh?

Mount McKinley, Alaska

13 12 2009

I took a flightseeing tour from Talkeetna over the base camp of Mount McKinley when I was in Alaska in 2000. We flew over the longest glacier in Denali National Park—the 45-mile-long Kahiltna Glacier—and between McKinley’s two sister peaks—Mt. Hunter (14,500 ft.) and Mt. Moraker (17,400 feet). What an experience! I think this shot was made straight from the helicopter, right before we landed on a glacier. It was probably shot with my Nikon F5 and my 24mm wide angle lens. 35mm slide scanned by

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Lone gull, lone cloud, lone man

12 12 2009

Seagull on Chincoteague Island, Virginia; lone cloud somewhere in Colorado; and Dad during our road trip—Great Adventure #678—in 1990 (which he writes about in his recent blog posting, “Arizona apples & cheeseburger briefs” here). 35mm slides scanned by

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View from above

14 10 2008

I shot these photos of a glacial lake and mountains as we were nearing Seattle. Not too shabby for point-n-shoot images through an airplane window!

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