Handsome Lobo

6 03 2012

Lobo (Spanish for “wolf”) is almost nine months old now and is incredibly handsome. His fur shimmers and I’m wondering if he is a Russian Blue mix. I read on Wikipedia that these cats are known to be highly intelligent and playful, but tend to be timid around strangers. That certainly fits the bill with this little guy.

When I photograph him, his fur shimmers and he looks almost metallic and a bit ghostly! I also learned there is a longer-haired breed called a Nebelung. I’m leaning toward that identification now that I’ve seen so many photos of this breed. Lobo has medium-long hair and a full tail, unlike most of the cats I’ve seen that are labeled Russian Blue. Trademark traits of a Nebelung cat are a long, graceful body (check), sweet, quiet and gentle disposition (check, check, check), and they are curious and tranquil (check, check).

Since he isn’t really answering to his name (yet), I could rename him “Pewter.” Any input?

He and our tabby Pixel (whom we call his brother, even though they’re not from the same litter) have finally (after four long months) been fully integrated into the household, much to our older cat’s chagrin. ZenaB has finally accepted that they aren’t going away but she shows them who is still Queen of the Ottoman from time to time. I’ve got a cute shot of Pixel covered with toys (shades of “Stuff on my cat”) that I’ll share next.

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