Scenes from a wedding

19 09 2010

These are just a fraction of the many photos I’ve been working on from photographing Todd and Abbie’s wedding last Sunday (happy one week anniversary today, you two!). I’ve got a lot more to prepare, but wanted to share this compilation on my blog. Enjoy!

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Squawking gulls at Cape May

12 12 2009

Photo notes: Nikon N90s, Fuji Velvia slide film, knee deep in the very cold Atlantic Ocean, Nikkor 105mm lens. 35mm slide scanned by

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

THIS JUST IN: Michael just reminded me that to get this shot, I not only waded out knee-deep into cold water, he had to hold on to my vest so I could lean forward (remember, this wasn’t a super-telephoto lens I was using!) to get closer. See there? I really earned this shot (and so did my assistant)!

Cape May sunrise

12 12 2009

Years ago, I attended one of the first Great American Photography Workshops (GAPW) in Cape May, New Jersey. Renowned wildlife and nature photographer Art Wolfe was the guest instructor for the weekend.

This sunrise photo (yes, I got up that early and yes, it really was that intense—no Photoshop enhancing done in this shot, I promise!) won 3rd place in the landscape category that weekend. My prize? A teeny tiny collapsible reflector—about 12″ when expanded—I had no idea they made them that small.

I had hoped my shot of two gulls squawking on posts would have placed in the fauna category instead. Why? I rolled up my pant legs and ventured out, knee deep, into the really cold surf just to get close enough to get the shot (I think my longest lens at the time was the 105 macro!). The sunrise shot was a breeze (except for the having to get up so early part!); I earned the gull shot. I’ll post that shot next.

Photo notes: I’m fairly certain this was shot with my Nikon N90s and Fuji Velvia slide film. 35mm slide scanned by

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