Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk band

22 03 2013

On Wednesday night I accompanied my friend Nancy (a freelancer writer covering the event for Relix magazine) to The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. to see Ivan Neville’s band, Dumpstaphunk, perform. Ivan is the son of music legend Aaron Neville. I virtually had unlimited access in this relatively small venue and it was GREAT to be able to move around, get up close and get some great shots. It was quite dark in the venue (as are most concert halls), so I was shooting with ISOs of 4000 and 5000, wide open, with exposure compensation added! Most of these were shot with my Nikon 80-400mm VR lens. While you do get some noise in your images at those higher ISOs, they do not compare with the grain from pushing film in the old days. I love digital!

On guitar is Tony Hall (photo #1), Ian Neville and Nick Daniels; on keyboard is Ivan Neville, and the drummer is Nikki Glaspie (formerly with Beyonce’s all-girl band).

The show opener was a band called The London Souls. I’ll have a few photos of this band in the next post.

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Dumpstaphunk collage