Blue False Indigo

18 05 2014

Although it wasn’t identified with a plant marker at Green Spring Gardens, I’m pretty sure this is a Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis). This herbaceous perennial in the pea family grows 3-4 feet tall and features purple, lupine-like flowers blooming in spring. Its common name refers to the use of this plant by early Americans as a (lesser) substitute for true Indigo in making blue dyes.

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Baptisia 1


Nikon D300s movie by photojournalist Ami Vitale

14 04 2010

I have two Nikon D300 bodies, but now I’m craving the D300s because of the video feature. I just discovered this D300s video on Nikon’s website. It’s a movie about Indian culture by photojournalist Ami Vitale. So beautifully done…from the video to still images to the music selections…great visual storytelling…mesmerizing, frenetic and haunting…but then again, getting into video—-I’d have to learn Final Cut Pro, too (Unlike Ami, I can’t afford to hire Dai Sugano to be my multimedia producer—yet). Great…yet another program to learn…not enough hours in my day! On the upside, I did acquire a full copy of Final Cut Pro for 75% off when CompUSA was going out of business a few years ago. Score!