Blooming in my garden: Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’

14 06 2012

Most of the time I photograph flowers with diffused lighting, but the sidelighting/backlighting on this group of lilies was too striking to not  photograph. Sigh…I just love lilies!

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Blooming in my garden: ‘Casa Blanca’ lily, kissed by the morning sun

13 06 2012

It’s no secret that I love, love, love growing and photographing different types of lilies. My favorite one is blooming in my garden now—Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’, a prizewinning Oriental lily from Holland. The blooms are huge—measuring 10-12″—and they are incredibly fragrant. Mine are growing in a large pot outside my patio doors and they return every year.

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Lilytopia 2011

28 05 2011

From the Lilytopia signage:

About the Designer: This breathtaking exhibition of lilies was created by Dorien van den Berg, the famed and world-inspired designer from The Netherlands. Dorien was born in The Netherlands and at the age of fourteen was introduced to flower exhibition at the renowned Keukenhof, The Netherlands. She was inspired by these shows and focused her studies on horticulture. She traveled the world and learned different flower arranging styles in Brussels, Vienna, America, Japan and other countries. Years of experiencing different cultures and learning new flower arranging styles have made Dorien what she is and what she creates today. For Longwood Gardens, she carefully selected materials and lily cultivars that create a design that balances color, texture and form to transform the Conservatory into a true LilyTopia.

Lilytopia 2011 showcases over 11,000 cut lilies and 1,500 calla lilies. Learn more about Lilytopia behind-the-scenes in the following links:

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Blooming in my garden today: Oriental Lilies

13 07 2010

This is a type of Oriental Lily, although I don’t remember which hybrid it is. There are 22 of these beauties in full bloom in a huge container on my back patio. What a sight!

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