iPhoneography: Queso

9 06 2018

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iPhoneography: Queso cocooning

9 06 2018

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Lily Rose

16 03 2018

This is my sister Kelley’s cat, Lily Rose, atop her throne.

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Thanksgiving 2017: Guess who’s coming to dinner?

8 12 2017

Quest awaits the dinner bell!

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iPhoneography: Queso in repose

8 12 2017

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Ruby, lost in thought

18 02 2017

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R.I.P. Spot

29 01 2012

My prehistoric looking pleco, Spot, left me for bluer pastures last night. A hand-me-down, pass-along pet from my friend, Rob, Spot was a sort of aquatic mascot at Rob’s office with Pepco Power in D.C. for many years. Rob estimated that Spot was at least a decade or older before he brought him home. After a major kitchen remodel where Spot didn’t match the decor anymore, Rob asked if I wanted to take over nurturing duties. I was up for the new challenge and you can learn more about Spot, “the $500 free fish,” here.

Spot came to live in my studio sometime in 2007, so I had the unique pleasure of caring for him for more than five years. Rob and I estimate he was probably more than 12 years old when I inherited him, so it would be safe to say he lived to be at least 18-20 years old, possibly even legal drinking age. (I just called Rob to tell him of Spot’s demise and he estimated that Spot was probably well into his 20s). Spot grew substantially in my care, measuring exactly 17″ long when he departed this realm last night.

Ah, Spot, suffice it to say that you will be missed. I’ll miss your gentle nature, imposing prehistoric presence, tank-sucking headstands, and robust swimming spurts when you thought I wasn’t looking.

Below is a photo I shot of Spot doing one of his infamous foraging headstands with a backdrop of goldfish, long since gone.

Beaujolais, a model cat

20 09 2008

Barb and Dean, our former neighbors, friends and gracious hosts in Spokane last week, have a 19-year old Persian cat named Beaujolais. Thanks to a vet who tends to big game cats, Beaujolais is doing great these days, despite her advanced age. She is friendlier and more active than she was when Michael and I would pet-sit for Barb in Virginia!

Beaujolais has definitely earned her keep—she earned $50,000 one year modeling when she was about four years old! Barb had taken her for a vet visit and a pet food supplier told her she should have some photos made and get some modeling jobs for that beautiful cat. Barb did just that and ended up getting some gigs for Beaujie for Hallmark, among other clients. Beaujie has appeared on page-a-day calendars, greeting cards, posters, and even hit the small screen in the first-ever Advil commercial, in which she sat in the lap of an elderly woman while the woman described her arthritic pain woes. During our visit, we also learned that Barb herself did some modeling when she was younger! Like mother, like daughter.

Barb loves to tell the story of how Beaujie put Barb and her son and daughter through college that year. She pulled out some sample print pieces that featured Beaujie’s image. After showing us one of the Hallmark greeting cards, she set it on the coffee table. Immediately after, Beaujie—ever the modeling pro—jumped onto her fringed throne-tuffet and I got this shot. Serendipity!

Annie Belle

16 07 2008

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Homage to Jasper

1 08 2007

I realize that I may be just a tad biased, but I believe that our cat, Jasper, is arguably one of the most photogenic cats in existence. Most of the time he has a look of curiousity, but occasionally he does his “I’m putting a spell on you” look (see bottom right photo for clarification). And, of course, his spell always works.


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