iPhoneography: Queso

9 06 2018

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Lily Rose

16 03 2018

This is my sister Kelley’s cat, Lily Rose, atop her throne.

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iPhoneography: The many faces of Queso

13 10 2017

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• Queso Ledge


• Queso Bed 1

• Queso Sleeping

• Sleepy Queso

• Sleepy Queso 4

• Sleepy Queso 3

• Sleepy Queso 2

• Sleepy Queso 2

• Cardboard Queso


iPhoneography: Pretzel Queso

20 06 2017

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Queso Pretzel lorez

Rapt Ruby

18 02 2017

My sister’s cat, Ruby

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Rapt Ruby lorez.jpg

Too clever: Photojojo’s pet photography idea

23 06 2011

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I love my cat(s) and have photographed and blogged about them more than once (R.I.P. to my beloved Jasper). Nowadays ZenaB is my photography muse and she spends a lot of her time lounging on the carpet. I already have some ideas for cut-outs for her next portrait!



19 08 2010

My friend Carmen, whom I visited this weekend in South Carolina, rescued Turbo when she was visiting her brother in Dallas last October. Her brother’s friend saw someone toss the cat out of a car at a Bank of America parking lot. David, knowing Carmen never met a cat or dog she didn’t like, worked on her for just 30 minutes on the phone until she agreed to pick up Turbo en route from our wedding in Sequin. She said if he was a male, she would name him Turbo, because her late husband, George, wanted to name a previous cat Turbo and she wouldn’t let him! Turbo turns one year old at the end of this month and is a wild-eyed, crazy loving cat! When he was finally captured, he was hiding in the engine of a car. In this shot, Turbo has decided that the stack of expensive rugs that Carmen bought from Izmir, Turkey on her recent cruise was set up just for him.

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