Against all odds

26 06 2011

A packet of beans from Target, purchased with good intention well over a month ago, made it from the shopping bag to the potting bench, then…nothing…forgotten, lost, misplaced, neglected in the flurry of planting flowers and vines and seedlings and bulbs. Hiding behind tools, plant labels, bottles of plant food and garden tschotskes, under a canopy of thriving Concord grapes, the little white beans began their metamorphosis despite the gardener’s inattention, aided by the sun and rain and genetics. They pushed through the envelope (literally!), sprouting in a tumble of green stems, white roots and brown husks, surrounded by fallen leaves and a sundry of bugs passing through. This morning the ashamed gardener discovered them while she was tidying the potting bench, a task obviously long overdue. Visual evidence that where there is a will, there is a way. Now nestled in various pots and plots, they have found their footing and live to tell the tale.

Gardener 0, Mother Nature 14

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Blossoms & Beans

1 09 2008

Harvesting photos from my Labor Day garden….

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Upon further inspection…

25 08 2008

After I took the photo in the previous posting, I started watering the backyard garden. In the area that I call “The Scary Tomato Jungle,” there is a free-for-all fight for space among:

— now-defunct lettuce plant remnants (Can you do some weeding, Cindy? Seriously.)
— several don’t-produce-enough-to-warrant-keeping strawberry plants we hauled back from Sequim, Washington on vacation a few years ago
— a very complacent hollyhock plant that just won’t put out
— an ill-placed butterfly bush (but it was only $5). When the books tell you to leave 8 feet x 8 feet of space for a butterfly bush, don’t question their authority. Learn from my (four—count ’em) experiences.
— a thumbergia vine

And…gasp! Pole bean plants I forgot I had planted (refer to photo for proof). When I went to water The Scary Tomato Jungle, I came across one lone bean. And then another. And so on and so on. Beneath these forgotten beans were more grape tomatoes. (Oooh, I get to use another pretty plate for this photo!)

Sigh. So much for the posting below on today’s “meager harvest.”

What did we learn in class today? We learned that maybe a butterfly bush, two vines, two pole bean plants, two red tomato plants, two grape tomato plants, one yellow tomato plant, two strawberry plants, one hollyhock and eight different kinds of lettuce might be a tad too much for a 3 foot x 20 foot bed. Ya think?

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