Purplelicious Installment #1

4 03 2011

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Last year I wrote a newsletter article for the FlowershopNetwork.com. Check out “A Passion for Purple Flowers” here.

Published: A Passion for Purple Flowers

3 03 2010

I recently wrote an article for flowershopnetwork.com for their monthly online newsletter. All but three of the photos in the article were shot by me (shown below); the others were purchased from istockphoto.com. The Flower Shop Network Newsletter is a free monthly e-mail featuring articles based on the knowledge of floral professionals across the country. Once a month, they provide interesting information about all things floral. You can view their newsletter archive and sign up for an e-mail blast here. To read my article, click on the link below:


Friday’s eye candy

26 02 2010

I just finished working on an article for the website, flowershopnetwork.com. The posting will be titled, “A Passion for Purple,” and is all about how to incorporate the color in your garden’s palette. While going through my archives for purple flowers to illustrate the posting, I came across this image of a Delphinium that Gina grew in her garden a few years ago. I just love the variegated colors in this flower and thought I’d re-share the photo since it cheered me up on this blustery winter day in Virginia!

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Lotsa Phlox

1 04 2009

Phlox paniculata — Garden Phlox — Green Spring Gardens. The sign near this plant identified it as the ‘Bright Eyes’ cultivar, but my research yielded only pink flowers with that particular identification. Any volunteers on identifying this one?

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Yet another Bearded Iris

5 05 2008

This one was blooming in my friend Rob’s garden this weekend. In my research to identify this particular Iris (I’m still stumped!), I came across this site below. Take a look at all their gorgeous Bearded Irises!


Their main site is: http://www.iriscitygardens.com/

Growing tips: http://www.flower-gardening-made-easy.com/bearded-iris.html

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Bearded Iris

3 05 2008

Several years ago, my friend Karen generously shared a huge box of bearded iris with us. We put the majority of the plants around our small pond in the backyard (I think they need dividing this year!) and the remainder in the front garden. I shot these images late this afternoon.

Learn about growing irises here:

There’s even a “Tall Bearded Iris Society” in Texas: http://www.tbisonline.co

Check out the varieties this company sells: http://www.schreinersgardens.com/

I feel compelled to buy this one!

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Alliums in bloom!

25 04 2008

My ‘Purple Sensation’ alliums are beginning to bloom. I did some research (of course) and discovered there are nearly 400 ornamental allium species! Allium is a member of the same family as garlic, onions and chives. These sun-loving blooms look like a cluster of lollipops when you plant them en masse. They’re one of my favorite things to grow. These May-blooming alliums come back every year and are about 20-30 inches tall. They’re also fun to photograph in their various stages of bloom, from the ready-to-burst sheaths to full flower to past-their-peak. At the last stage, they resemble koosh balls (and feel springy like them, too!).

What is a koosh ball, you ask? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koosh_ball

Learn more about growing ornamental alliums here:


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