Here comes Peter Cottontail…

12 07 2011

Photographed at Green Spring Gardens this evening

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Know the difference between a rabbit and a hare?

13 06 2010

Well, you will shortly. Mosey on over to my father’s blog (click on link below) and learn some fascinating facts about both! (And you thought I was the only one who researched my subjects ad nauseum—I am my father’s daughter. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

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Critter alert!

25 05 2010

I was scrounging around the refrigerator earlier this evening, hunting for something interesting to eat for dinner. I glanced out the window and saw this large rabbit (about the size of a normal-sized cat, actually!) grazing in the grass on the common area strip in front of our townhouse, alongside two squirrels and a robin. He was out earlier than I normally see them in the neighborhood (still daylight at about 7 p.m.). I grabbed my camera with a 105mm lens and ran outside, slowly approaching him. He let me get within five or six feet of him before slowly turning away, and even then he didn’t go very far. I was able to fire off almost 20 shots—these are the cream of the crop.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.