In the studio: more shoes!

13 09 2017

And one more shoe illustration share from my days working right after college at Jones & Jones, an upscale department store in McAllen, Texas

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Ta-da! Hobby #47

1 02 2009

In my ongoing mission to declutter, I found this shoe I painted many, many years ago. I’m not really sure if this project is exactly Hobby #47 or not—there have been so many (and there will be more in the future, I’ll bet). I remember painting these when painting on fabric was all the rage (not that crafters aren’t still painting on fabric these days, mind you). First, I splattered gold “sand” flecks on with a toothbrush. Then I sketched in the shells and filled them in with fabric paint. Pretty simple.

Where is the mate to this shoe, you ask? I dunno. Probably went wherever spare socks go.

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