iPhoneography: Lobo in the light

4 12 2018

My beautiful gray boy Lobo in the morning sunlight—I was coming out of the bedroom and looked down to see him there. (This is why I love my iPhone camera—it allows me to capture shots like this anytime, anywhere…a no-fuss, speedy, unlimited creative tool.) iPhone 8Plus in portrait mode, Snapseed2 app border

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iPhoneography: Japanese iris

3 06 2018

Surprise Japanese iris blooms! I saw two purple buds a few days ago and thought maybe it was a straggler from the purple and white ones that finished blooming weeks ago, but when the buds opened this morning, I knew it wasn’t. I honestly don’t remember planting this (which sounds like something I might do!). iPhone 7Plus, Camera+ app in macro mode, Snapseed app border

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.