Pineapple Lily (Eucomis comosa)

9 07 2010

I believe this Pineapple Lily is the Eucomis comosa variety (not yet in bloom, but beautiful even now!). The flower colors are white and it will bloom late this summer through early fall. I have grown Eucomis autumnalis ‘White Dwarf’ Pinneapple Lilies in my garden for years. They work great in pots, too, although they’re not winter hardy.

Excerpted from the Rainy Side Gardens website:
A South African native, the name Eucomis comes from the Greek word eukomos, meaning lovely-haired, in reference to a crown of bracts on the flower. Although it is easy to start from seed, it can take two to five years before the plant reaches blooming size. After the blossoms fade, the purple seed capsules carry on the show.

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