In the studio with Shelby

6 03 2018

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In the studio: Ann

22 06 2016

Ann Rancourt is the new National Walk4Hearing coordinator for the Hearing Loss Association of America.

I used my Westcott Eyelighter Reflective Panel to add a little twinkle to her eyes and a glow to her skin (she has gorgeous skin to begin with!). I love the results, so I’ll be incorporating it into future portrait sessions. (I am gadget girl after all—so don’t you judge me!)

Good review of this gadget with sample photos:

I got mine on sale online but you can save $$$ and build a similar one using this tutorial I found online:

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WEB Ann Rancourt Portraits

In the studio: Barbara Kelley

21 06 2016

Barbara Kelley is the new executive director of Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). She was previously deputy executive director and editor-in-chief of Hearing Loss Magazine, which I design bimonthly for the organization. Learn more about HLAA at

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In the studio: Bess

9 06 2015

My friend Dave is in town from Missouri, vacationing with his three kids—Noah, Emma and Bess. I had the pleasure of photographing the four of them in my studio this morning! First up, the baby of the family, lovely Bess.

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Bess Brown x 2

In the studio: Marisa

23 07 2013

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Marisa Modeling 4-up

In the studio: Jeff and Angela

27 05 2013

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In the studio: Angela and Annabella

27 05 2013

I photographed my friend Jeff, his girlfriend Angela, and her daughter Annabella this morning in my studio and outdoors. For the studio shots, I used my Westcott Spiderlites as well as two strobes with the Lastolite Hilite background. I’ll have more images to show later but wanted to share a few sneak previews.

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AngelaAnabella 1 lorez