Tiger on a tiger: Eastern Tiger swallowtail on Tiger lily

12 07 2017

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WEB Tiger on Tiger

WEB Tiger Lily 1

Pink tiger lily

28 07 2014

Unidentified insect inside a pink tiger lily; it looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo!

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Beetle Pink Lily

Tiger lily

3 08 2008

Sigh…another (later-blooming) lily that I must add to my lily collection. These beautiful tiger lilies (Lilium lancifolium) were blooming in Karen’s garden this weekend. It is one of several lilies that go by the common name of Tiger Lily. It is considered one of the earliest lilies to be domesticated.

See my original posting on Karen’s memory garden here. Her garden is lush and full these days. I’ll post some overall shots I did (with the comparison photos next to them) later.

I found a beautiful poem about tiger lilies here. Here is an excerpt:

Tiger Lily
Gray are the gardens of our Celtic lands,
Dreaming and gray,
Tended by the devotion of pale hands,
On barren crags, or by disastrous sands,
That night and day
Are drenched with bitter spray.
There rosemary and thyme are plentiful,
Larkspur that lovers cull,
Love-in-the-mist that is most sorrowful.
Flowers so wistful that our teardrops start…
Scarcely one understands that regal, rare,
Bravely the tiger lily blossoms there,
Bravely apart.
—Walter Adolphe Roberts, 1920

Photo © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.