Happy birthday, girl with the pearl earring!

16 12 2013

Originally posted 12.2009

The girl with the pearl earring is my longtime and very dear friend, Karen. This past Friday was her 29th birthday (again). The years have been very kind to her—she is just as lovely today as she was when I photographed her so many years ago. And now she has two very photogenic daughters for me to capture!

Photo notes: Fuji Velvia slide film, Nikon N2020 and my Nikkor 105mm lens, light from bedroom window, vaseline-smeared-on-skylight-filter softening trick

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Re-post: Fuji G617 archives: Bryce Canyon

9 12 2013

Originally posted 12.31.2010

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, photographed in the mid 90s (not sure exactly what year) with my Fuji G617 panoramic camera and Fuji RVP transparency film. The image height to width ratio is 3:1 and only four photographs can be made per 120 roll! The transparencies are 2.25″ x 6.5 inches long (6×17 cm). The angle of view with the fixed 105mm f/8 lens is about the same as my Nikon 24mm lens.

After my first trip (with my dad) to the Southwest, I was flipping through Joseph Meehan’s Panoramic Photography book and saw an image of Monument Valley shot with this camera. I knew then and there I had to have one, but certainly couldn’t afford the over $3,000 price tag for such a specialized camera. I found a brochure for one, tacked it over my computer, and vowed to work toward the lofty goal of acquiring one. I had wished fervently that someone would sell a used one. Voila!—a few weeks later one was advertised in the Washington Post for $1,900. The seller had used it just six times, photographing Little League group shots. It was in pristine condition and I was thrilled to become its second owner (he even reduced it to $1,800 just to reward me for my enthusiasm). I just saw one on eBay for that price and B&H Photo has a used one for $2,295.00. I’m happy to learn that this camera has held its value. Years later I was fortunate to meet Joseph Meehan at a photography seminar and had him autograph my copy of his book. Seeing these old images makes me want to go buy Fuji 120/220 transparency film (hmmm…how hard is that going to be to find in this digital age?) and lug my camera out to the great beyond!

Want to learn more about this attention-getting, shark-cage-surrounded, completely manual and mechanical film camera? Check out photographer Flemming Bo Jensen’s write-up on the Fuji G617 here.

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What happens when you stop to photograph burros in Arizona

17 12 2011

Circa 1990s, road trip with Michael in the wilds of Arizona. We stopped to photograph some adorable burros and before we could get out of the car, they decided to join us! Scanned from color transparency film; most likely shot with my Nikon N90 and 35-70mm lens

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