Happy birthday, WapWap!

18 02 2010

Happy birthday little sister! Dad nicknamed her “WapWap” because when she wanted an apple, she asked for a “wap.” I think he still calls her that. Kelley, you share your birthday with Cybil Sheppard, John Travolta, Matt Dillon, Vanna White, Toni Morrison, Molly Ringwald, Yoko Ono, Jack Palance and Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe. And on this day, Iceland is celebrating “National Bun Day.” Good to know. Hope you had a great one!

Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel.

25 11 2008

Then again, I might just try solving the puzzle. Is it Waffle House? Turn those letters, Vanna!

Tuesday, November 25, 12:27 a.m., outside our hotel in Baytown, Texas

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