Verklempt under big Texas skies

2 12 2008

Never heard of the word verklempt? Click here and here for a point of reference. I first heard the word uttered by Mike Myers, in character as talkshow host Linda Richman from Coffee Talk on Saturday Night Live. The word definitely comes in handy when I need to describe how something takes my breath away!

I shot these with my little Nikon Coolpix L14 point-n-shoot that I carry in my purse. This is my fourth Coolpix, by the way, and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for something small to carry for snapshots. All of these images were shot within the last week and most were shot through the car window at stop lights! Ah, these wide open Texas skies…few buildings to mar the view…rolling hills, sweeping vistas, and beautiful cloud formations appearing almost every day. Bliss!

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