Hop on the bus, Gus

2 02 2012

My friend, F.T., constant deliverer of things interesting via e-mail, sent me these 30 second videos encouraging bus travel by De Lijn (The Line), a transport company run by the Flemish government in Belgium to provide public transportation. Their tagline is “It’s smarter to travel in groups.”

Sigh…yet another gadget on my wish list!

27 11 2011

Thanks (yet again) to my friend, F.T., for sending me info about yet another gadget I am now drooling over. It’s the TimelapseCam 8.0 from Wingscapes, and for what it does, I think it’s a steal (and wouldn’t it make just the best Christmas present ever, hint, hint?). Can’t you just imagine how cool it would be to see the garden growing when you’re not looking? Or following what your cats do when you’re not at home?

WOW! Behind the scenes of the PBS film, Hummingbirds

14 05 2010

Nikon D300s movie by photojournalist Ami Vitale

14 04 2010

I have two Nikon D300 bodies, but now I’m craving the D300s because of the video feature. I just discovered this D300s video on Nikon’s website. It’s a movie about Indian culture by photojournalist Ami Vitale. So beautifully done…from the video to still images to the music selections…great visual storytelling…mesmerizing, frenetic and haunting…but then again, getting into video—-I’d have to learn Final Cut Pro, too (Unlike Ami, I can’t afford to hire Dai Sugano to be my multimedia producer—yet). Great…yet another program to learn…not enough hours in my day! On the upside, I did acquire a full copy of Final Cut Pro for 75% off when CompUSA was going out of business a few years ago. Score!

This one’s for Sue!

1 02 2010

Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along this fun video—“If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s.” For those of you who are not fortunate enough to have this unusual store in your neck of the woods—we are truly sorry that you are missing out. (But why did the singer leave out Pirate’s Booty white cheddar popcorn?—talk about “addictive as crack!”)

This is one of Sue’s favorite stores—she will drive an hour to Nashville from her home in Huntsville just to buy their lemon curd for her scones!