Attention, fellow photographers!

17 09 2010

WARNING: I’m going to brag about a DVD service I started subscribing to this year. No, I don’t get paid for this review, BUT if you decide to sign up, yours truly will qualify for free DVDs and other prizes simply for referring potential subscribers during their promo period. So, yes, I could possibly benefit, but not unless someone signs up! Truth is, I would blog about them anyway, because it has been such a great technical and business resource for me on the photography side of my business.

I discovered PhotoVision online earlier this year and decided to subscribe to their DVD series. It’s really a great price for what you get. Every other month I get a 2-hour DVD with tips on photographic styles and techniques, digital workflow, lighting and posing, Photoshop tips and tricks, marketing and sales strategies, and hardware and software reviews. Each DVD covers approximately 9-10 different photographers, studios, and a wide variety of topics.

It’s a really well-done series and makes me want to do more photography than I’m already doing (and win the lottery so I can build a dream studio, too!). They have more than 22,000 studios participating in the series and sponsors include: Canon, Westcott, Quantum, PPA, Nik Software, WHCC,, WPPI, Animoto, Marathon Press, Radio Popper and Albums, Inc.

My favorite video are the ones where they visit photography studios (with amazing layouts and set-ups) and film the artist in action with real clients.

To give you an idea of topics, my latest DVD contains:

Lori Nordstrom: Garnering display (marketing)

Gary Box: Flattery is everything pt. 1 (photographing seniors)

Sana Antisdel: Tough guys (photographing senior boys)

Brian Demint: Shake it or leaf it (fashion photography)

Julie Klaasmeyer: Ginormica approach to window light (studio design & marketing) and One year and counting (window light children)

Beth Jansen: Better homes and babies, pt. 1 (location children)

Mike Fulton & Cody Clinton: Glimpses of Camelot (location bridal)

Kevin Jairaj: Maximizing your online opportunities (marketing)

Tim & Beverly Walden: Sales secrets for success (sales)

The series is geared toward all professional portrait, wedding, fashion, commercial and events photographers as well as photography students. Their normal subscription fee is $140, but if you click on the link below, you can get it for just $39 per year (which is what I paid when I signed up). Worth every penny, I say!

Use promo code: PVFAN