Blooming in my garden: Viola sororia ‘Freckles’

28 04 2011

The rare and unusual Sister Violet (Viola sororia) ‘Freckles’, with heart-shaped evergreen leaves and tiny snow white blooms speckled with deep purple spots, is similar to a wild violet. This hardy perennial likes well-drained soil in full to part sun (mine is in shade for a good part of the day). It’s a great plant for naturalistic shade gardens and it spreads by seed and underground rhizomes. I planted my first bunch a few years ago in an egg shaped wire sculpture perched atop a big urn. This year the plant has escaped from its cage and began spreading on the ground!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

29 04 2011

I’ve never seen this one before. From flowers that I used to barely notice to amongst my favorites, the violas are a special bloom. Love the contrast of colors, like spilling a bottle of purple ink.

25 04 2018

A friend just gave me a start of this rare little gem. Thank you for helping with its identification. Now looking for the ideal spot to transplant.

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