Jasper & the Little Mermaid

26 02 2009

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Rainbow connection

24 02 2009

My friend Carmen came up from South Carolina to join us for our Fourth Annual Chocoholic Party. She also volunteered to house-and-cat-sit for some friends who are out of town. They have two Maine Coon cats—Rainbow and Felix. They had both trimmed before Carmen arrived, so they weren’t as Maine Coon-fluffy as they normally are. They’re beautiful regardless! Rainbow is very outgoing; Felix ran from me as soon as I walked in the door. So, I got one decent shot of Felix before he bolted and over a dozen of Rainbow, who was happy to pose for me. I loved these two shots of her—bright eyed and bushy tailed in the first one, and “lady, I’ve had enough, one more photo and you’re toast” hooded eyes, Yoda-like shot.

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Paperwhites in bloom

21 02 2009

My paperwhites are in full bloom this week. Although I have been watering them regularly, I would have missed the blooms when they first opened if it hadn’t been for the aroma. It’s a scent people either love or hate. I have forced Paperwhite bulbs for several years now and I am always surprised by the scent. When they start to open and I get that first whiff in the air, I start looking for the source. Then I notice the Paperwhites I’m forcing in the kitchen window. It happens every year. One would think I would remember. Ah, yes, that familiar scent odor. They’re neat to photograph because with a macro lens you can see that the petals have a mica-like sparkly surface.

While perusing gardening blogs tonight, I came across this comment from a visitor who wrote, “I can’t dislike anything that’s gracious enough to bloom for me this time of year.”

My sentiments exactly.

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Room with a view

18 02 2009

Look what I got to see from the bedroom window when I woke up Sunday morning! I was helping some friends spiffy up their lake house. We did lots of painting in a palette of lovely lake-inspired colors, which they allowed me the creative freedom to formulate—Chameleon Green, Poppy Pods Brown, and Hidden Spring Seafoam Blue. We finished (about 95% complete) two bedrooms, more than half of the kitchen, and one hallway and one of the bathrooms—which was quite an accomplishment considering we didn’t start painting until 8:00 p.m. Saturday night and worked from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Still to come—hallways and a bathroom to coat in a lovely warm gold color, and “Something Blue” for the high ceiling in the screened porch (the better to bring the sky indoors!). We were quite industrious and all over the house, painting up a storm. Lucky for them, I just happen to love to paint. They gave me the “room with a view” as a special treat. It is the most peaceful place and it’s only an hour’s drive from home. I photographed the view from their boat dock in November here.

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Saturday sky

17 02 2009

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791,940.045 years

13 02 2009

What’s that, you ask?

Yesterday I received an advertisement (in pdf format) via e-mail from the printer to place in the issue of Hearing Loss Magazine that I was working on. The file was compressed with Stuffit and when I went to expand it, this is what the “time remaining” progress bar showed:
I got a good laugh out of this one! Now, I have had files take an abnormally long time to download and sometimes my computer runs slower than usual, but really…have you ever?

So, being the ever curious gal that I am, I tried to crunch some numbers on my calculator and there were just one too many digits to do that, so I enlisted Michael’s help.

He reports that if I waited for the file to uncompress, it would consume:

2,023,406,815 hours, or

84,308,617.29 days, or

791,940.045 years

If I have to put in that much time on a design job, I think I should be charging higher design fees!

Lighter shade of pale

11 02 2009

Colors left to profile—red, green, and variegated (a fellow blogger’s suggestion)—I’ve covered orange, pink, blue, yellow and purple. Am I leaving something out?

I suppose since it’s still winter, I could cover brown, but that’s not too inspiring, is it? Might not be, but boy do I have lots of that color in the garden right now.

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