Craft Room: Glass beads + dyed imperial jasper + dragonflies

30 12 2019

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Necklace #3

Craft Room: Necklaces for Nancy

30 12 2019

I made these two necklaces for my friend Nancy for her birthday (she’s a Christmas Eve baby). The first necklace has Unakite Jasper beads and copper accents. I’ll have to get back to you on what the stones are that I used in the second piece.

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Necklace #1

Necklace #2



28 12 2019

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Craft Room: Shades of gray

28 12 2019

I’ve made both of these necklaces adjustable (they are at their longest lengths in this photo). You can wear each separately too! The longer necklace is glass, crystal and some kind of marble looking stone (I’ll identify it soon), with a druzy stone at the bottom. The shorter necklace is made of crystals and Amazonite beads. Got the nekkid mannequin on clearance at Dress Barn (going out of business; and who doesn’t need a headless mannequin torso in their studio?). Apologies for the mannequin’s nude-ness. 

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Thursday sky

28 12 2019

Thursday sky, view from my front porch

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Queso-gram: lounge lizard

28 12 2019

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In the studio: Sarah

28 12 2019

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Just before the holidays, my friend Michael Powell assisted me in my second portrait session in our shared studio. Our subject was the lovely and talented Sarah Katz, a freelance filmmaker/producer/director.

WEB Sarah Katz

Learn more about her work at

Here’s an excerpt from Sarah’s bio on her website:

Sarah Katz has worked in television and multimedia as a Producer, Associate Producer, and Researcher for more than eighteen years.

Sarah routinely produces news stories about American policy with foreign journalists as part of the Department of State, Foreign Press Center’s Media Co-Op program. An upcoming documentary produced with Pakistani journalists through the Foreign Press Center will tell the story of Muslim communities in America.

Sarah has produced over one hundred and fifty-six half-hours of educational content for The Great Courses, covering topics from science to literature and archaeology, and has credits on over forty documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic Television, Biography, Planet Green, and Investigation Discovery. Sarah is a member of the New Media Council of the Producers Guild of America and a former Docs In Progress board member. At Docs In Progress she launched the Documentary Inspiration Awards celebrating the work of Oscar winning Director Marshall Curry and Editor Matthew Hamachek. She holds a Master of Fine Art in Film from American University for which she received the Guy P. Gannett journalism scholarship from the Maine Community Foundation. Finally, she has an undergraduate degree in French literature and spent a year volunteering in Zimbabwe.