Mirror, mirror

8 07 2015

Now for something really different…when my friend Michael and I were photographing at Kenilworth yesterday morning, the sun finally peeked through right before we were leaving and I saw the waterlily pond looking more like a mirror than water. I positioned myself so that the reflection of the sun was directly beneath this waterlily, which made it look like it was outlined in glowing light and floating on glass. I kind of like it!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Waterlily Mirror Like



4 responses

8 07 2015


8 07 2015
Carmen Cacalano

Thats beautiful. I dont know if i already asked you, but i’m taking notes now on who i ask, so i dont bother them more than once. but Please follow my painting blog at https://cacalanostudios.wordpress.com And my writing blog at https://carmenthimble.wordpress.com
Thanks. My name is Carmen!

9 07 2015
Ginny Alfano

Wow, Cindy! That is absolutely stunning!

27 07 2015
Victoria Wu

simply stunning!

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