We are not amused.

9 05 2008

Calling it a day, I came upstairs a few minutes ago and as I neared the top of the stairs, Jasper was in his usual spot by the living room step, basking in the sunshine. I had my camera in hand and was planning to go out in the front yard garden to see what blooms were now illuminated by the elusive sunshine (it’s been raining all day). I stopped short and knew it was a photo op in the making. Jasper did his usual staredown, hoping I was headed to the kitchen to indulge the carnivore in him (I wasn’t). While I waited for the clouds to pass and the sunbeam to come again, he gave me this look through the whole session. I like to call it his “we are not amused” look. Wonder what he’s thinking? (“look deep into my eyes…yes, that’s it…you will feed me meat now…do not look away….it is futile to resist me…put the camera down…you are under my spell...) 

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10 05 2008

Thank you for including me on your blogroll, which prompted me to visit and meet Jasper. I get it about “the look.” Jack (who adopted me at 11:30 AM on 9/11/01 when I arrived frantic from the city) gives it to me, too. Endlessly.

11 05 2008

So did Jasper’s spell eventually work on you? Did he get his meat?

11 05 2008
Hershel Dyer (Cindy's dad)

Cindy, your readings of Jasper’s thoughts in this photo were right on — he looks like something in a Stephen King movie. I wouldn’t trust Jasper anywhere around my Annie.

An apt title for King’s movie could be, “The Cat that Swallowed Virginia” (the girl, not the state). As the late comedian Brother Dave Gardner (1926-1983) said of Brutus in his sketch of the assassination of Julius Caesar (100 BC – 44 BC), “He hath that lean and hungry look.”

Your Antarctica shots are great — so when is the pictorial 12-month spiral-bound Antarctica engagement calendar coming out??

Keep shooting and keep posting – 12,247 and counting!

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